My stairs need stripping and repolishing

Stairs are often taken for granted or neglected – festering under layers of paint or carpet. Sanding is a highly painstaking job – and one that leads to outstanding results.

After the entire tread and risers are stripped and sanded, the whole stairway can be stained and varnished. For a really striking effect, we can paint the risers in white and leave the steps in clear varnish.

Please note: we usually only treat these parts of the stairs and not banisters.

Our garden decking look awful

These attractive features are an easy victim to the elements – becoming worn, peeling and shabby. Sanding the surface removes the old top layer of fibres – to reveal a set of ‘like new’ underneath.

Finish off with decking oil or stain for an impressive new finish.

For the complete wooden floor polishing service – contact us today!